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nursing home abuse attorneys

#1 Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

There are both California state laws as well as federal laws that require nursing homes and care facilities to create plans of care that include hiring enough employees to take care of their nursing home residents. Sometimes these nursing homes do not provide the appropriate care violating the trust bestowed on them thus jeopardizing the well-being of their nursing home residents.

There are many signs that indicate abuse is occurring as well as the general neglect and deprivation of basic care.

Examples that nursing home abuse is occurring include:


  • Pressure and bed Sores or rashes on the body


  • A smell of urine or fecal matter on the body or in their living area


  • Obvious malnutrition and or excessively dehydration of the resident


  • Infections, including gangrene


  • Unexplained falls resulting in broken bones


  • Medication error


  • Fractures (frequently hips)


  • Debicutus Ulcers


  • Sepsis


  • Withdrawal, failure to speak, or Unusual fears


  • Residents wandering away from the facility


  • Bruises

Nursing home abuse lawyers

Perhaps there is no more visual reminder of abuse or mistreatment than a bruise.  The discoloration is not only ugly in appearance, but it can also be a source of pain for the individual.  Because bruising can be a relatively common occurrence in the elderly, I think its important to learn more about this medical condition and hopefully become better at identifying a bruise due to mistreatment vs. the normal aging process.

Our Los Angeles nursing home abuse Attorneys at our law firm represents nursing home residents and their families in lawsuits against nursing homes and residential care facilities that violate the trust and well being of your loved ones.


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