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You Need The Best Product Liability Lawyers

A product liability lawsuit seeks to establish that the product causing an injury was defective, and that the defective product poses an unreasonable risk of causing harm to consumers.

We can help you file a product liability lawsuit to recover costs relating to your injuries if you where hurt by a defective product.

A product is considered defective if it doesn’t work as expected and exposes its user to an unexpected danger. Product defects can be found in:

  1. Design – how the product was made or engineered.
  2. Manufacture – how the product was made.
  3. Marketing – false or misleading advertising or labeling of the product that affects its effectiveness and safety.
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Your Trusted Product Liability Attorneys

Defective products can include:


  • Faulty types of vehicle parts like airbags, seatbelts and tires.


  • Medications with dangerous side effects


  • Defective medical devices


  • Consumer products such as appliances, clothing and toys


  • Contaminated food, drinks or supplements


Our product liability personal injury Attorneys in Los Angeles can help you win your case if you where harmed by a defective product while using it according to its intended fashion in a reasonable way.


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