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A large number of people are injured every year in Los Angeles due to slips trips or falls in public or commercial properties.  The majority of these slips or falls are classified as “Slip and Fall Accidents”. The determination of the cause of such accidents is a complex undertaking and involves a large number of variables.

Slip-and-Fall Attorneys

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Our personal injury lawyers handle a variety of premises liability cases, including those resulting from:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Spilled substances and food on store floors
  • Torn carpeting
  • A wet floor that isn’t properly marked
  • Defective parking lots
  • Falling merchandise at large retailers like Loews, Wal-Mart and Home Depot
  • Sidewalk defects leading to a pedestrian accident
  • Ice and snow, including black ice
  • Swimming pools and swimming pool decks
  • Defective steps and stairway
  • Potholes
  • Broken sidewalks and uneven sidewalks
  • Broken stair rails or stairs without a hand railing
  • A handicapped-accessible walkway with inadequate handrails
  • Elevator and Escalator accidents
  • Inadequate lighting and poor lighting
  • Fires and explosion
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Best Slip and Fall Attorneys California

The process of establishing a slip and fall case is a bit tricky as the precedents are all over the place. Therefore you really need seasoned slip and fall lawyers like us that can help you investigate and determine if the cause of the slip and fall accident was due to a pre-existing dangerous condition and if it could’ve been prevented by proper owner action.


The likelihood of you winning a slip and fall case increases when the injury occurs on a commercial property. This increase stems from the fact that commercial properties that are open to the public have strict requirements and guidelines for what is and what are not acceptable levels of risk. Getting a viable case out of a residential property is more difficult. Also, many commercial establishments carry liability insurance to provide coverage and indemnity in case of this type of legal action. As a result, most slip, trips and fall accident cases are settled out of court to your benefit.

If you have slipped tripped, or fallen and injured yourself on someone else’s commercial property, there is a strong chance that we can help you file your lawsuit and damages could be awarded to you.

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