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The state of California requires workers compensation coverage by employers. This insurance covers you as an employee if you get harmed on the job. This is in addition to a Federal layer of workers compensation law covering many government employees.

Processing a claim made under workers compensation law in the state of California, always involves you as the employee, your employer, the insurance provider, and all the medical professionals involved in your treatment and the case.

Workers compensation is a no-fault system and is more streamlined when compared to other personal injury cases. It’s designed to provide benefits to you as an employee while protecting employers from lawsuits. This is because the workers compensation insurance carrier pays you for your claims and not the employer. However, most of the time these same insurance carriers limit or deny your just due claims thus requiring the services of workers compensation Attorneys like us to help you get the coverage you qualify for.

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Examples of Worksmans Compensation Claims we handle:

  • Injuries sustained on company property or at a company sponsored activity (such as a company picnics, parties or events).
  •  Aggravation of pre-existing conditions (such as a neck injury, back injury or carpal tunnel syndrome).
  •  Even injury caused by company owned assets like chairs, tables, computers or a coffee maker can qualify.
  •  Rashes brought on by exposure to cleaning chemicals and hyoid functional disorders caused by exposure to gasoline.
  •  Exposure to hazards while on the job, such as benzene, asbestos or silica dust which in extreme cases can cause Mesothelioma.

If you have a workmans comps injury claim while on the job, fill out a claims form and Contact Us immediately. We will help ensure that you get your just due Workers compensation claims.


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